TAIAN-ECOBAR TECHNOLOGY was formally called TAIAN Electric Co., Ltd.(TECO GROUP). With the drastic increase in the requirement of safety and stability for power distribution, the traditional power cable and metal-enclosure busway can no longer fulfill the requirement from customers. Therefore, the cast resin insulated busway TECOBAR is the best solution in order to meet the requirement. To provide the safest and most reliable power systems to the world is our commitment. Thus, your precious comments and supports are the most incentive to us.

Aluminum Busway

Aluminum Busway can do a variety of other functions depending on what specific needs the business requires. We believe that our Aluminum Busway have very great potential for this type of development in Electrical Supplies industry.
Medium Voltage Cast-Resin Insulated Busway Manufacturer

TAIAN-ETACOM TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. has been the world leader in the manufacture of Busway and Busduct since its establishment in 1999.

We offer professional Medium Voltage Cast-Resin Insulated Busway which can meet specific requirements and customer needs.

Medium Voltage Busway

MV Cast Resin Insulated Busway(Aluminum Busway)

Our company specializes in manufacturing professional Busway(Busbar Systems) and Medium Voltage Busway. TECOBAR Medium Voltage Cast-Resin Insulated Busway is developed for power systems between3.6kV~24kV. Copper Busway of  Medium Voltage Busway has features of safety and compact. It is designed to using insulation material to perform cast resin sealing to the copper (aluminium) conductor. The insulation material is cast resin containing non-organic volcanic rock and has excellent insulation characteristics and mechanical strengh, humidity-proof, non-combustible,and self-extinguishing features.
TAIAN-ECOBAR TECHNOLOGY, the world’s leading manufacturer of Aluminum Busway, is positioned at the leading edge of innovation and service, providing the most comprehensive Medium Voltage Busway solutions packages to its customers via a portfolio of highly recognized brands. If you are looking for Aluminum Busway manufacturing company, let us be your answer.