T-Line Power Distribution Panelboard

TECOBAR is a leading professional manufacturer of cast-resin busway system since 1988 and approved by thousands of users worldwide. By integrating our cast-resin innovative technology to the new T-line power distribution panelboard, this whole new product now features the most versatile design concept with easy and simple installation.
With TECOBAR T-LINE Panelboard :
1.High Quality
  • Rated voltage up to 690V
  • Rated current up to 1200A
  • Integrated the most reliable plug-in system
  • The T-LINE main bus is fully encapsulated by epoxy resin (Class B 130°C) with high insulation performance and short circuit strength.
  • Busbar connection eliminates additional tightening
2.High Performance
  • Reduce assembly time by modularization to accommodate attractive costs and short delivery times
  • To add or remove loading while power on without interruption, hot swappable
3.Flexibility of Construction
  • Once transformer capacity is decided, you can make boards
  • Decision of breaker capacity will be made in time shortly before construction of low-voltage power line
  • By adopting a push-type terminal type breaker, the number of mains connection man-hours is greatly reduced
  • Freedom to choose the makers of branch breakers
  • Ingress protection is IP42 and IP55 for the enclosure
  • Certified to IEC standard 61439-2
5.Compact size
  • Plug-on system realizes space saving on installed floor space (reduced to 65%)
6.Easy Maintenance
  • Reconfiguration & inspection can be done from the front
  • Lower total cost (installation, maintenance and modification)
  • Secure wide gutter space, easy maintenance and wiring work

General Data
Standards IEC61439-2 , IEC60529
Model TL02 TL04 TL06 TL08 TL10 TL12
Rated Current (A) 250A 400A 600A 800A 1000A 1200A
Short Circuit Rating (kA/415V) 40 40 70 70 80 80
Rated Voltage (V) 690
Main Type 50/60
Frequency (Hz) MCCB TYPE
Main Bus
Model B04 B04 B08 B08 B12 B12
Conductor Material Copper
Insulation Material Epoxy cast resin
Insulation Class B CLASS 130℃
Pole Number 12P/24P/36P/48P/60P
Branch MCCB Breaker
Pole 1P/2P/3P
MCCB brands Compatible with all major brands
Type Wall mounted / Floor mounted
Protection Rating IP42 standard, IP55 optional
Color MUNSELL 5Y 7/1
Size (WxHxD) (mm)* 900x2100x400 900x2100x400 1100x2100x400 1100x2100x400 1200x2200x400 1200x2200x400
Weight (without branch breaker) (kg)* 263 265 317 320 380 380
※Standard size with 48