Low Voltage Busway

Low Voltage Cast-Resin Insulated Busway Manufacturer
Low Voltage Busway Manufacturer
For more than 15 years, we have been specializing in providing Busway and Busduct. We are professional manufacturer of Low Voltage Cast-Resin Insulated Busway. Our Low Voltage Cast-Resin Insulated Busway is designed to meet your specific technical and performance requirements.
  1. Comply with IEC 60439-1、 IEC 60439-2、IEC 61439、CNS 14286.
  2. Purity 99.9% and conductivity 98%IACS
  3. Overload + 20% for 2 hours/day
  4. Degree of protection:IP68
    Mechanical impacts:IK10
  5. Fire Proof: 750℃/3hr (IEC60331-21)
    840℃/30mins (CNS14286)
  6. Short circuit current: Max 120kA/s
  7. Low EMC
  8. Insulation level: Class B 130℃
  9. Aging test approved:50 years.
  10. Maintenance free
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